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Author Jirasak Kongkiattikajorn
Alternative Author Buddhiporn Sornvoraweat
Kasetsart Journal
TitleComparative Study of Bioethanol Production from Cassava Peels by Monoculture and Co-Culture of Yeast
Call# FOOD 7510

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AbstractThe feasibility of ethanol production from pretreated cassava peels by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) with a monoculture of Saccharomyces diastaticus 2047 and S. cerevisiae 7532 and a co-culture of S. diastaticus 2047 and Candida tropicalis 5045 was studied. The results indicated that each strain of yeast was able to produce ethanol. From the cassava peels pretreated with distilled water at 135 ?C for 30 min under pressure of 1.03 bar, S. diastaticus 2047 could produce ethanol yields as high as that of pretreatment with diluted sulfuric acid under the same conditions. The cassava peels pretreated with diluted sulfuric acid and fermented by co-culture of S. diastaticus 2047 and C. tropicalis 5045 produce greater amounts of ethanol than those fermented by S. diastaticus 2047.
Descriptหน้า: 268 - 274
Subjectcassava peels
amylolytic yeast