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Author Sujitra Techatoei
Alternative Author Chaichan Sangdee
Noppamas Rojanasthein
Maleeya Manorot
Supanimit Teekachunhatean
TitleIsofl avone Contents in Thai and Imported Soy-Based Beverages Commercially Available in Thailand
ImprintVol.50 No.2, June 2011
Call# FOOD 7519

CALL # Volume Number Month Year Barcode Status

AbstractObjective To investigate and compare the contents of isofl avones in the form of ?-glycosides (daidzin and genistin) as well as their respective aglycones (daidzein and genistein) in Thai versus imported soy-based beverages commercially available in Thailand, Material and method Fifty-one brands (34 Thai brands and 17 imported products) of soy-based beverages, which used a sample code instead of their trade name, were analyzed for their isofl avone contents by using high performance liquid chromatography. The average coeffi cient of intraday and interday assay validation for daidzin, genistin, daidzein and genistein was less than 4.5%. Results The total isofl avone contents in both soy-based beverages varied substantially from approximately 7 to 85 mg per serving, with ?-glycosides dominating. Although the mean concentrations of aglycones in Thai soy-based beverages were signifi cantly greater than those of the imported products, the mean concentrations of ?-glycosides and total isofl avone contents per serving (either mg or ?mol) between both products did not differ signifi cantly. The average price per serving of imported products was more expensive statistically, despite comparable total isofl avone contents. Conclusion Total isofl avone contents in both products varied substantially. The Thai soy-based beverages contained comparable average contents of isofl avones per serving when compared to the imported products, but they were less costly. Chiang Mai Medical Journal 2011;50(2):59-72.
DescriptPages: 58-72
soy-based beverages