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Author Bulan Phithakpol
Alternative TitleContract manufacturing of food products in Thailand
ImprintSingapore : Inst Food Sci
Call# IFRPD T930082

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AbstractThe main areas of contract manufacturing in Thailand are canned foods, dried fruit and snack foods. Government policy is laid out in the 7th National Economic and Social Development Plan (1992-1996). The agroindustrial sector is one of the main target areas for promotion by the government. For exports, policy isto simplify customs procedures. Subcontracting of production in industry from foreign investment will be encouraged, and technology transfer, research and product design promoted. The government will set up a centre to promote agroindustrial development and assist small-scale producers in production, quality control and management. Several government institutions can provide support in research and development, processing and quality control and also undertake limited contract manufacturing. Therefore there is the ability to contract production of a foodcommodity on the basis of a starting point for new investment to test the marketand transfer technology. -- I)Contract production of a food commodity with fully-known technology. The hirer only controls the system of production and the quality of the products, and uses its own brand name. -- II)Contract buying of existing products produced by the contracted company, only indicating the quantity wanted and putting the contract company 's own brand name on the product. -- III)Partnership is production of a food commodity, combining technology and expertise of the local producer and the outside partner. The outside partner takes care of sales and marketing of the product, while the producer has knowledge of local raw materials. -- Government actively supports the agroindustry sector through improving procedures and regulations and providing backup services such as technology transfer and quality control in manufacturing.