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Author Veeraphong Bhornsmithikun
Alternative Author Ram Yamsaengsung
Pakamas Chetpattananondh
Kulchanat Prasertsit
TitleContinuous extraction of prebiotics from jackfruit seeds
Alternative TitleContinuous extraction of prebiotics from jackfruit seeds
ImprintVol. 32 No. 6, November-December 2010
Call# FOOD 7585

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AbstractPrebiotics are functional foods with health-promoting properties that are currently used in many developed countries, such as the United States, Japan, and the EU. The synthesis method is still the main commercial production method. There are only a few direct extractions of natural oligosaccharides from plants in Thailand due to the lack of extraction devices. This research aims to design and construct the continuous extractor and study the optimum conditions of prebiotics extraction from jackfruit seed. Jackfruit seeds were extracted with 50% ethanol as a solvent. The response surface methodology was applied for experimental design to study the effects of temperatures (40-60?C), extraction times (15-45 min), and L/S ratios (6:1-10:1 v/w) in laboratory scale continuous extraction. The extraction efficiency was based on the extraction yield and the amount of nonreducing sugar, which is expected to be prebiotics. The optimum condition was the extraction time of 15 min at 60?C and L/S ratio 10:1 (v/w), which gave the maximum non-reducing sugar content of 491.70 mg/g extract from RSM modeling. This optimum condition was applied for pilot scale continuous extraction. The pilot scale continuous extraction unit composes of three 70-L stainless steel extraction tanks equipped with an indirect steam chest for process heating. The heating tank is an 88-L stainless steel vessel. Each extraction pot is connected to a solution pot. After extraction the solution was pumped to a large evaporation tank (60 L) and a small evaporation tank (7 L), respectively. With three-stage extraction the average extraction yield was 20.25% and the average non-reducing sugar content was 400 mg/g extract
DescriptPage 635-642
Subjectcontinuous extraction
jackfruit seed
response surface methodology