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Author Weerachet Jittanit
Alternative Author Tithiya Deying
Maythawee Chantara-In
Wantanee Ratanavong
Songklanakarin J. Sci. Technol.
TitleProduction of tamarind powder by drum dryer using maltodextrin and Arabic gum as adjuncts
ImprintVol. 33 No. 1, January-Febuary 2011
Call# FOOD 7590

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AbstractTamarind powder specimens were produced by drum-drying of mixture between juice squeezed from tamarind pulp and drying aid. Two popular drying aids namely maltodextrin (MD) and Arabic gum (AG) were applied at the ratios of juice (20?Brix) and drying aids of 1:0.4, 1:0.8 and 1:1.4. A double drum dryer was employed in this work at the drying temperatures of 120 and 140?C, drum speed of 0.35 rpm, and the gap between drums of 0.4 mm. The results indicated that in order to obtain the tamarind powders, the ratio of tamarind juice and MD should be 1:0.8 if drying at 140?C or 1:1.4 if drying at 120-140?C. In case of using AG as a drying carrier the proportion should be 1:0.4 or 1:0.8 for drying temperatures between 120 and 140?C. Sensory evaluation indicated that the tamarind powders with MD were preferred in facet of appearance, color, and overall liking, while those with AG were favored in their aroma and taste. The energy costs of producing tamarind powders were between 7.27 and 21.00 Baht/kgpowder whereas the drying aid costs were in the ranges of 208-228 Baht/kgpowder and 640-768 Baht/kgpowder if using MD and AG respectively.
DescriptPage 33-41
Subjectdrum drying
drying aid
instant tamarind juice
tamarind powder