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Author Krittiya Khuenpet
Alternative Author Thanyaporn Pongpinyapibul
Taratip Watchrakorn
Weerachet Jittanit
Kasetsart Journal Natural Science
TitleEffect of the Sweeteners on the Qualities of Vanilla-Flavored and Yoghurt-Flavored Ice Cream
ImprintVol. 49 No. 1, January-February 2015
Call# FOOD 7671

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AbstractThe objectives of this research were: 1) to study the effect of sucrose replacement with alternative sweeteners on the qualities of vanilla-flavored ice cream, freezing points and raw material cost; and 2) to produce a low sugar, yoghurt-flavored ice cream containing sucralose and inulin. The outcome of this research provided broader information for ice cream manufacturers that intend to apply a sweetener and inulin to their ice cream production lines. For vanilla-flavored ice cream, five ice cream formulas were produced in this work comprised of the control sample using sucrose and the other four samples applying erythritol, maltitol, sucralose and xylitol as the sweeteners, respectively. In order to achieve the equivalent sweetness value to sucrose, the applied weights of erythritol, maltitol, xylitol and sucralose were 125, 111, 100 and 0.17% compared with sucrose. It appeared that the viscosity of samples after the mixing step was higher than after the other steps for all recipes except for the samples using xylitol. The addition of xylitol increased the overrun value and lightness whereas maltitol resulted in the reverse effects. Rapid melting was found in the sample substituted with xylitol. The freezing temperatures of all samples were higher than that of the control. The sensorial characteristics of samples with sucralose were not significantly different from the control while the mouthfeel and smoothness of the maltitol and xylitol recipes significantly differed from the control. The sucrose replacement sucralose led to the lowest cost as it was the least applied. Four yoghurt-flavored ice cream formulas were prepared made from whey protein powder or buffalo milk with or without sucralose replacement and added inulin. The results showed that the overrun of buffalo yoghurt ice cream was lower than for the whey protein powder formulas by an estimated 1.5 times. All sensorial scores of both types of yoghurt ice cream with sucralose substitution and added inulin were similar to samples without sweetener and inulin. Keywords: ice cream, yoghurt, buffalo milk, inulin, sweetener
DescriptPage 133-145
Subjectice cream
buffalo milk