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Author Ubolrat Wangrakdiskul
Alternative Author Nantakrit Yodpijit
King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok International Journal of Applied Science and Technology
TitleTrends Analysis and Future of Sustainable Palm Oil in Thailand
ImprintVol. 8 No. 1 , January-March 2015
Call# FOOD 7746

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AbstractCurrently, exhaustion of fossil fuel is one of the serious problems. Oil palm is the prominent oil crop that provides higher yield and consume less energy than the other crops in plantation life. The expansion of oil palm plantation along with the appropriate use of oil palm planted areas and the environmental conservation needs to be concerned. This research aims at analyzing oil palm plantation establishment influencing the sustainable palm oil industry in Thailand. We use an exponential growth model to estimate an increased domestic consumption and production of palm oil for the need of oil palm plantation areas. Therefore, recognition of oil palm plantation with environmental protection by compliance with RSPO standard has also been proposed. For sustainable use, costs structure and productivity improvement of oil palm cultivation is analyzed and suggested.
DescriptPage 21-32
SubjectSustainable palm oi
Trend analysis