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Author Chantal A. Di m l ou
Alternative Author Lessoy T. Zou
S bastien L. Niamke
Chiang Mai Journal of Science
TitlePhysicochemical and Nutritive Characterization of Linoleic Acid-rich Oil from Seeds of Celosia argentea
ImprintVol. 41 No. 5.1, October 2014
Call# FOOD 7826

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AbstractCelosia argentea is annual herbaceous widely used as leafy vegetable in C te d?Ivoire. In this study, physicochemical and nutritive analysis of this plant seed oil was performed in order to explore its potential applications. Physicochemical properties of extracted oil were as follow: specific gravity (0.92?0.01), refractive index (1.47?0.00), colour lovibond (20.2?0.00), viscosity at 20?C (53.08?0.28 mPas), cloud point (-2.3?0.00?C) acid value (4.68?1.62 mg KOH/g), peroxide value (10.33?0.58 meq O2/kg), iodine value (124.08?1.22 g I2/100g), saponification value (170.17?1.62 mg KOH/g). Biochemical and nutritive analysis have revealed the following assets: impurities (0.016?0.00%), unsaponifiable matter (1.47?0.21%), phosphorus (0.10?0.00 mg/g), vitamin A (0.52?0.01 mg/g) and vitamin E (0.12?0.01 mg/g). Fatty acids profile of C. argentea seed oil highlighted linoleic acids as major fatty acid with amount of 49.94?0.01%. All these interesting characteristics should arouse attention for the usage of C. argentea seed oil in food and pharmaceutical industries.
DescriptPage 1157-1170
SubjectCelosia argentea
seed oil
vitamin A
vitamin E
linoleic acid
fatty acid