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Author Anan Thawthong
Alternative Author Jianchu Xu
Leela Maya Rizal
Peter E. Mortimer
Sunita Chamyuang
Pattana Kakumyan
Ekachai Chukeatirote
Naritsada Thongklang
Samantha C. Karunarathna
Philippe Callac
Kevin D. Hyde
Chiang Mai Journal of Science
TitleDiscovering and Domesticating Wild Tropical Cultivatable Mushrooms
ImprintVol. 41 No. 4, September 2014
Call# FOOD 7827

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AbstractTropical regions have the potential to be one of the richest sources of cultivatable fungal species. Even though there has been considerable research on the taxonomy and phylogeny of these mushrooms, there has been far less research on their domestication. The purpose of this paper is to review and detail the methods we have used for the discovery and domestication of wild tropical mushrooms. As it is difficult to cultivate mycorrhizal species we have mainly concentrated on saprobic species. Methods include collection, isolation, spawn production and fruiting body production testing in sawdust and compost media. We also discuss a semi-industrial approach of inoculating wild edible mushroom spawn into the natural environment to produce seasonal mushrooms. We have collected and isolated numerous strains of species of wild mushrooms and present initial results on domestication attempts. It is hoped to be able to introduce these to the mushroom growing industry in the future.
DescriptPage 731-764
Subjectcultivatable mushrooms
edible mushrooms
fungal species
mushroom spawn
mushroom compost