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Author Duangporn Kantachote
Kaisorn Pumpuang
Alternative TitleThe study of the most suitable constituents and optimal condition of kimchi, the role of the lactic acid bacteria
Call# T950319

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JournalKMITT Research and Development Jour.
Abstract For the best constituents of Kimchi, salt was added to cabbage for 2 hours before mixing with other vegetables, 3.23% salt and 5% sugar at 8-9 deg C were used in the process. Thirteen days of fermentation, Kimchi's pH was approximately 4 with 0.95% lactic acid, the amount of sugar and salt decreased to 0.425% and 3.2% respectively 1.95 x 10 pow 6 CFU/g of lactic acid bacteria were found on the last day. The texture of the greenish yellow product was crunchy and chill still remained its original colour. -- Comparing fermentation at room temperature with fermentation at low temperature (8-9 deg C), Lactobacillus buchneri were found to be the most predominant and L. acidophilus were the second in both conditions. L. cellobiosus was found populations only at room temperature while L. casei var. alactosus played significant role at low temperature. Fermented Kimchi at low temperature gives better taste.
Descriptv18 n1 ; p59-74
SubjectKimchi processing/fermentation
Kimchi processing/lactic acid bacteria