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Author Pattong Sawadikiat
Alternative Author Parichat Hongsprabhas
Siree Chaiseri
การประชุมทางวิชาการ ครั้งที่ 52 เล่มที่ 6 สาขาอุตสาหกรรมเกษตร
TitlePhytochemicals in Refined Vegetable Oils Commercially Available in Thailand.
Imprintการประชุมทางวิชาการ ครั้งที่ 52 เล่มที่ 6 สาขาอุตสาหกรรมเกษตร, 4-7 กุมภาพันธ์ 2557
Call# FOOD 8080

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AbstractSelected phytosterols namely campesterol, stigmasterol and ? - sitosterol of 16 vegetable oils from 2 different production batches and brands available in Thailand were investigated. Phytosterol contents in vegetable oils ranged from 56-1,034 mg /100g. The highest content was found in rice bran oil (972-1,034 mg /100 g), followed by cor n oil (608-772 mg/100g), soybean oil (237-249 mg/100g), sunflower oil (174-232 mg/100g) and palm oil (56-97 mg/100g), respectively. In general, ? -sitosterol was the most abundant phytosterol (50- 70% of phytosterols investigated) followed by campesterol and stigmasterol. In phytosterol analysis, alkaline hydrolysis was applied to cleave esterified phytosterol into their free form and analyzed by gas chromatography. Rice bran oil showed unique chromatogram with additional unsaponifiable compounds and one of them was identified as triterpene alcohol ? cycloartenol. The highest cy cloartenol content among analyzed oil was found in rice bran oil, followed by sunflower oil, corn oil and soybean oil, respectively; while it was not detected in palm oil. Esterified cycloartenol or cycloartenyl ferulate is one of compounds belonging to the unique mixture ? -oryzanol. In this study, phytoste rol and triterpene alcohol profile of ? -oryzanol from japonica and indica rice were investigated. The ? - oryzanol from japonica rice was composed of both phytosterol and triterpene alcohol; while ? -oryzanol from indica rice was mainly composed of triterpene alcohol. The distribution of phytosterol in commonly consumed vegetable oil investigated showed that phytosterol contents were varied am ong plant sources. This information could be used as a guideline for the types of vegetable oil buying choice.
Descriptหน้า 74-81
vegetable oil
triterpene alcohol