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Author อรอนงค์ นัยวิกุล
Titleซ่าหริ่มกึ่งสำเร็จรูป/อรอนงค์ นัยวิกุล...[และคณะ]
Alternative TitleInstant Sarim
Call# KU T930088

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AbstractSarim is normally made from mungbean flour which Thai people used to eat as dessert for long time. The low production by the housewhole process caused low consumption. This research is intended to produce instant sarim to expand the amount of production and composite rice starch to mungbean. The result showed that the suitable amount of rice starch substitute should be 10% by weight. The fresh sarim was prepared by using composite flour and water at the ratio 1:7.5 anddivided the amount of water added to be cold water and boiled water at the ratio1:7.5. The cold water was added first to slurry the flour, then boiled water wasadded to partly gel the flour. The slurry was stirred in an alloy pan on the medium heat stove for 45 seconds. The slurry gelled at 55-65 deg C and became transparent gel. This gel was transferred into the pressing machine and the sarim thread was pressed into tap-water to cool for 1 hour. It was then taken out of water and was put in the freezer at-18 deg C for 20 minutes. The sarim thread was thawed in tap-water for 25 minutes. After removing from water, a thread shoud formas group, weight about 50 grams on tray; then, the tray was put in oven at 55 deg C for 2.4 hours. The instant sarim had 9% moisture and 660% rehydration. Then this instant sarim was stored in closed polypropylene plastic bag for 4 weeks. The moisture content was slightly increased to 10.4% by the absorption of vapor in the bag and this amount of moisture was still in the safety range of dry product (14% moisture). Then the preference test compared instant sarim using sun-dry to the one using tray-dry. The result showed that 20 taste panelists could tell the difference at significantly high level (P<.05)forcolor, flavor, texture and total preference, especially the pink color which turned pale in sun-dry process more than tray-dry process, and they preferred the instant sarim using tray-dry process.
Descriptปีที่ 26 ฉบับที่ 3 ; 284-290
Mungbean flour Sarim
Rice starch Sarim