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Author Sakunta Manakla
Alternative Author Kanit Krisnangkura
Supathra Lilitchan
Kornkanok Aryusuk
เรื่องเต็มการประชุมทางวิชาการ ครั้งที่ 52 มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์
TitlePhysicochemical properties of interest erified palm oil for deep-frying process
Imprintการประชุมทางวิชาการ ครั้งที่ 52 เล่มที่ 6 สาขาอุตสาหกรรมเกษตร, 4-7 กุมภาพันธ์ 2557
Call# FOOD 8083

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AbstractChemical interesterification (CIE) is one of modification methods that can be used to give oil desired properties. Physicochemical proper ties are primary factors in determining the applications of oils. Smoke point and oxidative stab ility index of an oil are important factors for deep- frying process. Viscosity is also influent oil absorption. The aim of this study was to compare physicochemical properties between CIE palm oil (C IE PO) and palm oil (PO) for deep-frying process. Results showed that color of CIE PO was light orange-yellow while PO was light yellow. The viscosity and smoke point of CIE PO were lower than PO. Peroxide, p -anisidine and TOTOX value of CIE PO were higher than PO. While acid value of CIE PO was lower than PO. Fatty acid composition of CIE PO was approximately the same as PO. Tocopherol content in CIE PO was slightly lower than PO. Oil stability index (OSI) value of CIE PO and PO were 19 and 21 hours, respectively. Thus, efficiency refining process for removing impurity and addition of antioxidants to the CIE PO increased its oxidative stability.
Descriptหน้า 98-105
Subjectchemical interesterification
physicochemi cal properties
palm oil
deep-frying process