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Author Somchit Niyomthai
Alternative TitleLipids
ImprintBangkok : IFRPD, 1995
Call# IFRPD T950358

CALL # Volume Number Month Year Barcode Status

JournalTraining course on food laboratory techniques for Vanuatu Officer
Abstract Procedures of 4 methodologies on determining fat content in foods are collected; Soxhlet extraction, acid hydrolysis, Roese-Gottlieb and Babcock. Acid hydrolysis method is used to analyze crude fat in flour, bread and baked cereal products not containing fruit. Roese-Gottlieb method is used for crude fat in milk products, Babcock method for fat in raw milk. Other chemical characteristic analysis procedure, acid value and peroxide value are included.
SubjectLipid analysis
Lipid characteristic