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Author Nudthapong Tongkham
Alternative Author Boonyawee Juntasalay
Patareeya Lasunon
Nipaporn Sengkhamparn
Agriculture and Natural Resources
TitleDragon fruit peel pectin: Microwave-assisted extraction and fuzzy assessment
Alternative TitleDragon fruit peel pectin: Microwave-assisted extraction and fuzzy assessment
ImprintVol.51 No.4, August 2017
Call# FOOD 8425

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AbstractDragon fruit peels were used as a material for pectin extraction. Microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) using powers of 300,450 or 600 W and heating times of 5 or 10 min were investigated. Compared to the conventional method, the MAE method produced a higher yield of pectin,with the highest pectin yield (23.11%) being obtained using a microwave power of 600 W and a heating time of 10 min. However, during the MAE extraction, the degradation of pectin may have occurred which resulted in a drop in viscosity. The fuzzy assessment method (FAM) was applied to determine suitable conditions for MAE. The highest overall performance index obtained from FAM indicated that a microwave power of 450 W and an extraction time of 5 min were suitable conditions to produce a high pectin quantity with less degradation. Moreover, the anhydrouronic acid content, degree of esterification and the Fourier transform infrared spectrum of MAE pectin did not differ from the conventional pectin and therefore, the extract could be categorized as a high methoxyl pectin.
DescriptPage 262-267
SubjectDragon fruit peel
Fuzzy assessment method
Microwave-assisted extraction