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Author บัณฑิต จริโมภาส
Alternative Author สถาบันวิจัยและพัฒนาแห่งมหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์
Titleรายงานการวิจัยและพัฒนา เครื่องเปิดผลมะพร้าวอ่อน
Alternative TitleYoung coconut fruit opener
Imprintนครปฐม : ศูนย์เครื่องจักรกลการเกษตรแห่งชาติ, 2532
Call# KURDI, KU T930099

CALL # Volume Number Month Year Barcode Status

AbstractThis research is to develop and evaluate a young coconut fruit (YCF)opener to commercial application. Operation principle of the YCF opener is cutting by means of triangular blades. There are two kinds of YCF openers; the manually-operated (MO)and the semi-automatic (SA). The YCF opener generally comprises twostainless triangular blade sets welded to parallel steel beams with surface threads. Opening a YCF is achieved by rotating the beams, resulting the blade sets horizontally moving to each other to cut the YCF sitting in the middle. -- Engineering testing showed that the MO opener opened at the average rate of 40.1 seconds per fruit with average juice loss 4.8%. The SA machine could open at the average rate of 12.1 seconds per fruit with 6.5% average juice loss. Juice and flesh of YCF after opening looked clean well enough for immediate consumption. The mouth of opening of any YCF was wide enough for a consumer to conveniently access juice and flesh.
Descript36 หน้า
Young coconut opener