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ผลการค้นหา พบข้อมูลทั้งหมด 4 เรื่อง จากคำค้น Chulaluck Charunuch
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Call No./Title Author/Year Cover
IFRPD T990232
Measurement of some physical properties for extruded products
Chulaluck Charunuch,Kasetsart University
FOOD 7346
Calcium Bioavailability of Textured Vegetable Protein Fortifi ed With Calcium
Yaovadee Cuptapun,Chulaluck Charunuch,Wanpen Mesomya,Duangchan Hengsawadi,Kasersart Journal (Natural Science)
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FOOD 8368
Using of Extrusion Process for Preparation of instant Cereal Beverage Powder based on corn and Soybean
Chulaluck Charunuch,Chowladda Tiengpook,Pracha Boonyasirikool,THE KASETSART JOURNAL NATURAL SCIENCE
January - March 2003
FOOD 8550
Development of Rice Spaghetti Using Propylene Glycol Alginate and Soy Flour by Twin-Screw Extrusion
Phattarasuda Namthongthai,Pitiya Kamonpatana,Chulaluck Charunuch,Wannasawat Ratphitagsanti,KMUTNB: IJAST
July-September 2018
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