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ผลการค้นหา พบข้อมูลทั้งหมด 3 เรื่อง จากคำค้น Ivan Lj. Milovanovic
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Call No./Title Author/Year Cover
FOOD 6748
Validation of a Screening Method for Analysis of 49 Pesticides in Foods of Plant Origin
Ivan Lj. Milovanovic,Bojana M. Beljkas,Aleksadra C. Misan,Food Processing, Quarlity & Safety

FOOD 6749
Analytical Validation of an Enzime-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for The Determination of Gluten
Jovana J. Matic,Pavle T. Jovanov,Bojana M. Beljkas,Ivan Lj. Milovanovic,Anamarija I. Mandic,Food Processing, Quarlity & Safety

FOOD 6750
Detemination of Total Oil Content in Cereal Products Verification of The Method and Estimation of Measurement Uncertainly
Pavle T. Jovanov,Marijana B. Sakac,Dragina K. Kabic,Ivan Lj. Milovanovic,Jovana J. Matic,Bojana M. Beljkas,Food Processing, Quarlity & Safety

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