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IFRPD T960217
Kamolwan Suknark,Penkwan Chompreeda,Vichai Haruthaithanasan
IFRPD T960219
Anuvat Jangchud,Penkwan Chompreeda,Vichai Haruthaithanasan
Consumer acceptance of newly developed peanut products in Thailand
Vichai Haruthaithanasan
FOOD 6707
Preference Mapping of Thai Consumers for Commercial Green Tea with Roasted Brpwn Rice
Varaporn Vittayaporn,Hatchairat Rimkeeree,Penkwan Chompreeda,Vichai Harurhairhanasan,Kasetsart Journal : Natural Science
July - August 2010
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FOOD 7504
Physical Properties of Butter Cake Made from Mixed Hom-Mali and Glutinous Rice Flours
Piyaporn Chueamchaitrakun,Thongchai Suwonsichon,Vichai Haruthaithanasan,Penkwan Chompreeda,Sumaporn Kasemsamran,Kasetsart Journal
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FOOD 7667
Effect of Cooking Conditions on Black Bean Flour Properties and Its Utilization in Donut Cake
Khemmarat Vongsumran,Vichai Haruthaitanasan,Penkwan Chompreeda,Wannasawat Ratphitagsanti,Kasetsart Journal Natural Science
November-December 2014
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FOOD 7916
Development of Instant Beverage from Predigested Broken Jasmine Brown Rice and Job?s Tears for Diabetic Patients
Panutporn Yuthavisuthi,Penkwan Chompreeda,Tantawan Pirak,Kasetsart Journal Natural Science
September-October 2012
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FOOD 7934
Prediction of Pasting and Thermal Properties of Mixed Hom-Mali and Glutinous Rice Flours Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Piyaporn Chueamchaitrakun,Sumaporn Kasemsamran ,Thongchai Suwonsichon,Penkwan Chompreeda,Vichai Haruthaithanasan,Kasetsart Journal Natural Science
May-June 2011
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