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Call No./Title Author/Year Cover
FOOD 7506
Quality of Batter and Sponge Cake Prepared from Wheat-Tapioca Flour Blends
Busarawan Chaiya,Rungnaphar Pongsawatmanit,Kasetsart Journal
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FOOD 7511
Effect of Tapioca Starch Concentration on Quality and Freeze-Thaw Stability of Fish Sausage
Rosjarin Prabpree,Rungnaphar Pongsawatmanit,Kasetsart Journal
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FOOD 7594
Effect of Heating Time on the Quality of Tapioca Starch and Xanthan Gum Mixture
Prawta Chantaro,Rungnaphar Pongsawatmanit,Kasetsart Journal Natural Science
November-December 2010
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FOOD 7923
Quality and Color Parameters of Dried Chili and Chili powder Pretreated by Metabisul fi te Soaking with Different Times and Concentrations
Kwanhathai Chaethong,Duenchay Tunnarut,Rungnaphar Pongsawatmanit,Kasetsart Journal Natural Science
May-June 2012
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FOOD 7925
Effect of Xanthan Gum on the Quality of Syrup Thickened by Modified Starch during Heating and Storage
Rungnaphar Pongsawatmanit,Thongchai Suwonsichon,Natee Yakard,Kasetsart Journal Natural Science
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