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ผลการค้นหา พบข้อมูลทั้งหมด 8 เรื่อง จากคำค้น Soottawat Benjaku
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Call No./Title Author/Year Cover
Soottawat Benjakul
IFRPD T950120
Soottawat Benjakul,Prawes Wisitwuttikul
Chitosan production from carapace and shell of black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)
Soottawat Benjakul
Thermal denaturation of threadfin bream muscle proteins as affected by some additives and quality changes/สุทธวัฒน์ เบญจกุล; วรรณพ วิเศษสงวน; ประเวท กุกแก้ว
Soottawat Benjakul
FOOD 7244
Total phenolic content, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of stink bean (Parkia speciosa Hasek.) pod exttact
Suchanuch Wonghirundecha,Punnanee Sumpavapol,Soottawat Benjakul,Songklanagarind Journal of Science and Technology
May - June 2014
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FOOD 7770
Detection and preliminary characterization of a narrow spectrum bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus pentosus K2N7 from Thai traditional fermented shrimp ( Kung-Som )
Nisit Watthanasakphuban,Soottawat Benjaku, Akio Tani, Suppasil Maneerat ,Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology
January-February 2016
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FOOD 7776
Safety evaluation and bacterial community of kung-som using PCR-DGGE technique.
Sutanate Saelao,Suppasil Maneerat , Sireewan Keasuwan, Soottawat Benjakul,Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology
July-August 2016
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FOOD 8268
Monitoring of changes in lactic acid bacteria during production of Thai traditional fermented shrimp (Kung-Som) by culturing method and PCR-DGGE technique
Kanokwan Thongruck,Punnanee Sumpavapol,Soottawat Benjakul,Suppasil Maneerat,Sutanate Saelao
January - February 2017
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